• Hooray! My patient just gave birth to a healthy baby boy last week. Her and her husband had been trying to conceive for 2 years without success especially since she also had PCOS. After 3 months under my care and receiving acupuncture treatments and Chinese herbs, she got pregnant.
  • I have been treating a patient diagnosed with macular degeneration for the past 6 months. At her last eye exam, her eye doctor confirmed that an aneurism present in the right eye that she had had for the past four years, has now disappeared.
  • I had a patient that came in for treatment with a headache that she had had for over a week. She tried everything to get rid of the pain and took many Tylenol pills that did not work. She has been under my care for several weeks for the treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome. This patient left my office headache free.
  • We had a patient report back to us yesterday that she is now pregnant. We supported her with acupuncture treatments to balance her body to be able to get pregnant. Her embryo transplant was a success! Without acupuncture support her infertility history was 2 failed IVF’s because her hormone levels were never high enough to perform the procedure. She wrote to us to say “THANK YOU for helping make this happen and please keep me in your thoughts as I know you have been!!!”
  • We have been treating a patient with macular degeneration for the past 5 years. She comes in about twice per month to receive acupuncture for stress reduction and macular degeneration. Her eye doctor confirms that in the last 5 years her eye macular degeneration has not progressed.
  • We have a patient that we have been treating for the past 7 years for lung and heart issues. History of severe asthma since age 3 months. With our help with acupuncture treatments, she is able to walk up flights of stairs. We increase her immune system so she doesn’t get sick which keeps her out of the hospital because she was having to do before acupuncture treatments. Her last cardiologist results confirmed that her heart is better by 5%.
  • “Dear Drs. Guek and Steve Charest, Thank you for healing me of all my ailments. Acupuncture does work! Love, Irene R.” (postcard sent to us)
  • “Guek is a magician in my eyes.  She has healed all my colds.” by Naomi T. (verbal statement)
  • “Another great treatment!! Thanks Steve Charest” by Debbie K. (messaged us on facebook)
  • BIG “THUMBS UP” FOR ACUPUNCTURE by Marilyn M. (Letter written to our office)

I’m in the throes of “menopause” heaven, when I was referred to the AMAZING DR. Guek!! She can slay hot flashes with one needle!! She  can thwart arthritis with several needles!!!!  Not to mention what she can do for “the blues”!!! How’s that for, should I say, ASTONISHING”!!??

Introducing…… “ACUPUNCTURE”!!!!!! “Acu—— WHAT?” you may be asking.  That was my first question too, but I gave it a try and I am  forever changed!!

All joking aside, I sing praises for this ancient Oriental medicine; especially if you are not into hot flashes!!!  I had been experiencing many uncomfortable (and sometimes embarrassing!!) bouts of those apparent necessities of a woman’s life for six months or more before I met Dr. Guek Charest.  It was suggested to me to try acupuncture for pain I was having following an auto accident, and little did I know that acupuncture would also “manage” (very nicely, I might add) those dozen or more daily hot “moments” I called them!!  I now experience only one to two of them daily!!

Acupuncture is my first choice.  It is non-invasive, painless, and very relaxing.  You almost literally “float” out of the office after a treatment!!!  I personally choose acupuncture over prescription drugs to treat my illness, pain, etc…. first!!

Thank you, Dr. Guek.  You have helped me beyond measure, and my days are much more pleasant because of you. An “angel” in disguise!!

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