Fall Tips for Wellness

Guek Charest Posted in Uncategorized

Lungs are the organs associated with the Fall season. Here are some tips to have a healthier happier season.


Acupressure points – rubbing these points 30-60 seconds can stimulate and promote health and well-being.

Large Intestine 20 – on the face, level with the bottom of the nostril, on the groove that is formed when you smile                             

Used for nasal congestion and discharge, rhinitis, loss of sense of smell, sneezing, nasal polyps, and nose bleeds.  Also used for itchy eyes and facial pain with swelling.

Lung 7 – Roughly 2 inches above the base of the thumb

Used for Nasal congestion, cough, headache, asthma, chills & fever

Lung 9 – On the wrist crease, just below the thumb

Used for cough, asthma, wheezing, shortness of breath, red & painful eyes

Large Intestine 4  – on the back of the hand between the thumb and first finger, in the fleshy part of the hand

Used for headaches, nasal discharge, rhinitis, sneezing, pain in the eyes

Fall foods to eat: Pungent foods help to Nourish the Lung Qi  Onions, ginger, cayenne, basil, mint, rice, steamed veggies, mustard, tofu, soy beans, pear, wheatgrass juice, daikon radish, and  sea veggies to strengthen the blood and circulate qi