Our specialty is Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  We have over 3000 hours of didactic

school hours and graduated with our Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine.  We are licensed

in the state of Florida as Acupuncture Physicians.  We have the highest qualification to

perform Acupuncture.  Thank you for choosing us for your holistic healthcare needs.


We strive to do our best to get you well in the shortest amount of treatments. Number of visits

will be determined by how fast the patient heals and any factors such as drugs that may slow

down the healing process. Most patients see results in 1 – 4 visits. Some are much improved

within 6 – 12 acupuncture treatments. Your rate of success depends on many factors.

Schedule a free consultation with us so we can give you a better idea of your success rate.

Then if you decide to receive acupuncture and feel better naturally, the cost below includes the

payment-at-time-of-service discount.



Prices Below Reflect an At-time-of-service discount.


15 minute Consultation to see how we can help you  –   Complimentary


Acupuncture  – New Patient               $110             Acupuncture  – Follow Up                $70

Re-evaluation – $95


Inquire about Prepaid Treatment Packages



1) We are on the approved list for Sarasota County Insurance. We will bill your insurance. Your responsibility is a $30 co-pay with 20 visits covered.

2) Florida Blue FEEH – Manatee County Teachers have acupuncture coverage depending on your plan level.

Call your insurance or give us a call and we can confirm for you.

3) Florida Blue covers medically necessary treatments for acupuncture. Confirm that your plan covers

acupuncture or give us a call and we will confirm for you.

4) All others with acupuncture coverage – you will receive a Superbill to submit yourself for

re-imbursement from your insurance company.


Medicare does not cover acupuncture.  Please write your congress representative

to include  it.





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